Like most winning initiatives, La Maschera traces its roots back to one of Italy’s most prestigious restaurants: LILLOTATINI. Inaugurated in 1999, in a small and gorgeous Umbrian village called Panicale, Lillotatini has in the last decade become a culinary hidden  treasure of the Trasimeno lake area.

And if there is one person responsible for this unprecedented success, the name of Patrizia Spadoni must be mentioned. In addition to being Marco’s mother, Patrizia has been a valuable mentor in Federico’s and Marco’s audacious attempt to spread the excellence of the Umbrian-Tuscan  cuisine throughout Europe.

It might be useful to remark that the word “excellence” mentioned above is by no means being overused. Lillotatini’s accomplishments are well documented in Italy’s most prestigious food guides as well as in several  international journals (Slow Food, Espresso, Gambero Rosso, Michelin, and many others).

‘Lillotatini’ is today also a cooking school for young chefs who will collaborate and join the Amsterdam staff.